Solapur-Pandharpur-Miraj-Kolhapur Express Railway/Tarin Time Table

This is the time table of Solapur-Pandharpur-Miraj-Kolhapur Express Railway/Train Time Table.

Solapur-Kurduvadi-Pandharpur-Miraj-Kolhapur Express (11051) Railway/Train Time Table

Departure Station-Solapur Junction (SUR)

Departs at 08:10

Daily Departure

Mid Station-Kurduvadi Junction (KWV)

Arrives at 09:05

Departs at 09:07

Mid Station-Pandharpur Junction (PVR)

Arrives at 09:55

Departs at 09:57

Mid Station-Miraj Junction (MRJ)

Arrives at 12:50

Departs at 13:00

Arrival Station- Kolhapur Junction (KOP)

Arrives at 14:15

Daily Arrival


Total Time- 6hr.

Total Distance- 305km.

Travel Charge-

Solapur Junction to Kolhapur Junction

General- 74 Rs

Sleeper- 158 Rs

AC 3-tier- 413 Rs

Pandharpur Junction to Kolhapur Junction

General- 49 Rs

Sleeper- 120Rs

AC 3-tier- 292 Rs

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6 thoughts on “Solapur-Pandharpur-Miraj-Kolhapur Express Railway/Tarin Time Table

  1. shinde abhimanyu jalindar says:

    kolhapur to solapur express please stop the sangola station

    • Hi Abhimanyu,is Kolhapur Solapur Train still Not stop at sangola????
      Sangola is Imp Station between these two Big Cities then why this is is So.

  2. Akash khaladkar says:

    Is it totally passenger train?

  3. santosh chandanshive says:

    cst. to. phandharpur dayli tren chahi ye .

  4. raviraj sankpal says:

    From solapur to kolhapur at leaving timing at 11.30 from solapur. Please tell me his train passing away a sangli station or not….

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